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Pastoring in a War Zone

Meet Ivan Ivanovych Pryadka, Pastor of The Arch Church in the town of Krasnohorivka, Ukraine., a town just outside the war zone of Eastern Ukraine.

Read his story, in his own words on what he has experienced and his efforts to help those directly affected by the war . Read Here

Master's welcome a new addition to the TEAM

At the annual Board of Directors meetings in February, The Master’s Foundation extended an invitation to Joshua Kochath of Mississauga, Ontario to join our board.

Joshua brings to Masters a wealth of experience in leadership skills as well as a wealth of spiritual passion for the Kingdom of God. He is an engineer by profession who has worked in the field of marine surveying and consulting. He is the founder and president of Comage, a freight forwarding and shipping company with offices in several countries including Canada and the United States.

As a new addition to the board, Joshua is looking forward to the opportunity of serving the Masters Foundation ministry. Joshua brings with him a personal interest and involvement in the Philippines. He has also been instrumental in the establishment of a care centre for seniors, youth, children and special needs children. We welcome Joshua to the team...

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986 left a ring of ghost villages as residents fled, fearing radiation poisoning. ... Despite the lack of amenities or opportunities, four years ago Maryna and her daughters packed up everything they owned and travelled hundreds of miles across ... Continue Reading

Glendon, Alberta Banquet / Ukraine's Plight and what Master's is doing

A special thank you to all who attended our annual banquet in Glendon, Alberta on November 17th. It was a fun night with amazing food, an auction, entertainment by Peter Kozak and the Kalinsky group with Pastor Jairo. A video (view below) showed the story of Ukraine’s plight and what Master’s is doing in helping the poor and destitute. We were overwhelmed by the kindness to the people of Ukraine and responding in such a beautiful way. Thank you all who made this come together - your presence, despite your busy schedules and the Alberta weather was much appreciated. Ukraine will be blessed in the coming year! (view pictures of the night on our facebook page.)

The Plight of the Elderly in Ukraine


Horrific life of children growing up trapped on the frontline of Putin's brutal forgotten war in Ukraine

Children in Donbas 'can't imagine life without tanks and guns' as Russia's conflict rages on leaving the area without heating, electricity or water.

Summer Camps 2018

For kids, summer time is the BEST time of the year. They count down the days until their summer vacation starts and plan all the fun stuff they will do. BUT for many orphaned children and youth in Ukraine their summers are not so great. They face the same struggles… living in an institution, never having enough to eat, a lack of love and encouragement. Here at Master’s Foundation, we want to change that bleak reality for many orphans/children this summer.
Read More

Hearing the cry of the people of Ukraine

Masters has heard the cry of the people and risen to the occasion and is continually sending containers of aid to the Eastern Zone. Please click here to view two videos from our Humanitarian Aid section on how Masters' is meeting the needs of the people of Ukraine.

[Fall 2017]

We have all returned from an eventful whirlwind trip to Eastern Ukraine. The trip was overwhelming in many ways. As you can see from some of the pictures we took, the senseless devastation of the war…so many villages shelled, hospitals, buildings, homes ruined, destroyed by the shelling and shrapnel, with roads still being mined. So many hurting people, so much poverty and lives needlessly taken. It was so encouraging to see the containers of soup provided by Shelley Stone of The Ontario Christian Gleaners meeting the needs of so many. Our sincere thanks to all those who faithfully prayed for us during this time. Also, the pastors retreat with pastors Gary & Jan Beesley and Gene Clarke was awesome, with so many being ministered too during the retreat. Please continue to lift up the country, leaders and people of Ukraine in prayer.

Masters' Foundation now registered in Ukraine

This summer Masters was officially registered in Ukraine as a charity. It was deemed necessary to do this to help with the shipping of aid and transfer of funds. A board of directors was also put in place with Stan Watrich as president, with Rev. Gene Clarke and Rev. Karen Milley as directors. Please pray for Master’s Ukraine board.

Three Containers on their way to Ukraine!

Our thanks and appreciation to the North Okanagan Valley Gleaners for providing Masters with 2 - 40 ft containers of soup mix and clothing for Ukraine. Also a 40 ft container of clothing left to be distributed to the needy in the ATO Zone and outside. Social Services claims people outside the Zone are suffering as much, if not more than those in the war zone. Thanks to Yuri Strochynsky of Musket Transport Ltd. of Mississagua, ON for bringing the load to Comage Container Lines Inc.’s facility in Mississauga for shipping. Masters is grateful to our partners in helping meet the critical need for desperately needed food and clothing in Ukraine. Please continue to pray for Ukraine. The war has not let up and conditions are worsening and affecting the entire country.

Much Needed Relief

The videos below are about soup distribution of the last container which was delivered at the beginning of 2017. The joy expressed in the people receiving this soup is inexpressible! Their joy is because YOU heard their cry and gave to make it happen.We are so grateful and thankful to the Gleaners and with the help of our partners, in 2016 Masters was able to ship 7 containers, well over 12 million portions of dehydrated soup mix to Ukraine, as well as containers desperately needed clothing.

There are over 2 million refugees who have fled for their lives from the ATO Zone, but many who are unable to flee, have remained. It is to these people that Masters is reaching out to as well as seniors, invalids, soup kitchens, children and orphans. Accompanying this aid over 200,000 pieces of “Good News” literature was given explaining the love of God. For further reading please see the Winter 2017 Newsletter.

11 year old struggles to attend school in the war zone

This Ukrainian boy had to cross military checkpoints and enter separatist territory just to go to school. He no longer goes to school. The children of Ukraine are hurting the most. They don’t understand the lack of food, the bombings, or when an anguished mother tells her children, “Tato (father) will not be coming home anymore.”

The United Nations Children’s Fund estimates that 1.7 million children on both sides of the front line have been harmed through lack of proper shelter, nutrition, medicine or schooling.

Please watch this short video of 11 year Edik and his struggle to go to school in the war zone.and how he had to cross military checkpoints and enter separatist territory just to go to school.  

This Ukrainian boy had to cross military checkpoints and enter separatist territory just to go to school. He no longer goes to school.

Posted by RFE/RL on Friday, February 5, 2016