For the past several years Master’s has sponsored summer camps for over 2000 children. The majority of these children are orphans with approximately 10% being invalids and children with various illnesses.

Summer Camps 2018

For kids, summer time is the BEST time of the year. They count down the days until their summer vacation starts and plan all the fun stuff they will do. BUT for many orphaned children and youth in Ukraine their summers are not so great. They face the same struggles… living in an institution, never having enough to eat, a lack of love and encouragement. Here at Master’s Foundation, we want to change that bleak reality for many orphans/children this summer. The camps that Master’s sponsor will provide lots of fun, food and love. Each child will also hear the good news that Jesus loves them and that He has a plan for their lives. Lives are impacted and changed for eternity. It only costs $150.00 to send a child to camp for 10 days. View the video below and help us make it the best summer camp ever!

Summer Camp in Ternopil

Held at Pastor Bohdan Mudreivskiys Church, “Renaissance” in Ternopil. Every young person received a copy of the new Youth Bible just released by Masters.

Several other camps were held this summer in Ovruch and in the Carpathians with Luba Roamniuk and team with every child receiving a copy of the new Youth Bible. Many glowing reports have come to our office of awesome testimonies of kids lives being changed by the power of God. Thank you for supporting summer camps in Ukraine!

Why I love camp in Ukraine

Sophia a 13 year old girl in Ukraine shares her time at summer camp in the Carpathians.  Camp is a place where kids can be kids no matter where they are. They can find what they are looking for – acceptance, friendship, love and getting to know who God is. Lives are changed at camp – Sophia’s life was changed. Hundreds of lives are waiting to be transformed. 

For $15 a day, you can send a child to camp for 10 days.
Will you sponsor a child/young person this summer?

To donate call 905.602.1350 or donate online

Summer Camp Memories from Ukraine

Danielle, a 16 year old high school student from Canada made a difference last summer by visiting Ukraine and helping out at a kids summer camp in the Carpathian Mountains. • Read about her experience.


Why we believe in summer camps for our children in Ukraine

Ihor & Valya Prezhniuk, Camp Directors
Lutsk, Ukraine

One of the basic principles of raising children is to guide them when they are young. The Bible tells us to “train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). Unfortunately and sadly, some people never follow this principle, or in the worst case scenarios the Word of God is misused for people’s own thinking and teaching.

Under the Communist regime, there were hundreds of summer camps for children, and the State sent thousands of children to these camps. These camps were basically indoctrination centers for children. The children were taught the basics of communist ideology of Lenin and Stalin. These kids camps were the first step in becoming a member of the Communist Children’s Organization called octiabriata. The name was taken from October (the month when the Red Revolution took place in 1917). The next stage in membership for teenagers was called “red pioneers,” then followed by “komsomol” and finally becoming a member of Communist Party. Every child who was a member of the octiabriata organization had to wear a red star, then a red tie for “red pioneers,” signifying their allegiance. 

One of the things that leaders of these camps did in the classrooms was to prey upon the innocence of the children and teach them that God did not exist, or, if He did, He didn’t care about them. They would withhold food from them and tell them to pray to God for bread. As the children would pray, the teachers would taunt them and say, “Where is your God, why doesn’t He give you bread?” Then they would tell the children to ask Stalin to give them bread, and someone in the attic, unbeknownst to the children, would drop down bread, as if from Heaven. Whom and what was a child to believe? This was a diabolical plan from the pit of hell that deceived thousands upon thousands of children, resulting in an atheistic and corrupt society.

We as believers should use the biblical principles of raising children to teach them about the love of God and how to live for Him. We have turned camp into a positive and godly experience for children. The children come, and they are loved and taught how much Jesus loves them and how He died for them in order for them to have a new life in God. The orphaned children who come to camp also have fun. The facilities and the grounds are a great place for the children to learn, to play and to experience the love of God.

As the camp directors, we encourage your support for children’s summer camps, through The Master’s Foundation, for the glory of God and benefit of our Ukrainian society! Thank you for investing in our future.

Ihor & Valya Prezhniuk

An email regarding the impact of Summer Children's camps.

Dear Brother Stan & Brother Ivan,

We give you greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus. It was good to see you again and meet Ivan for the first time. We want to thank you for sponsoring children to camp again this year. We will be taking 3 or 4 groups this year and have taken one group of children and next week another 50 children. I want to tell you of our experience with a group of children we took to the Odessa region. I called the camp directors about our children and when I explained we were believers, Christians, they would hang up the phone and not even want to talk with me about having children at camp. They were all atheists and said, “we want nothing to do with ‘sects’ people.” By faith we drove to the camp region and every camp we went to, the directors turned us away and wanted nothing to do with us. We and the children prayed for God to lead us to a camp where they would accept us. We drove to one camp and explained we are believers and bringing orphaned children, invalid children, abused children for a time of rest and to tell them about the love of God. Praise God, this director was a believer and said, “surely God has sent you our way”. With him was a government official (a Muslim) and when we explained to him our work and the refusal by all the other camp directors, his heart was touched by Almighty God for he said, “here is what I will do for you.” He immediately arranged for us to have a building for the mothers and the invalid children. Inside were 2 fridges where we could store all our food and we could cook inside. He then took us to all the directors who refused us and said to them, “give these people whatever they want, they are good people and doing a great work for the children.” He then spoke to the chief of police in the area, and 3 policemen came and said, “we are here to look after you and protect your children. If you need anything, just call us.” He then proceeded to mark the road for a crosswalk for the children to cross the road to the lake in safety and set up a radar to control speeding cars.

How wonderfully God answered prayers (even through an unbeliever) and took care of us and the children. When the other directors of the other camps saw how happy our children were, how they prayed and worshipped God, they opened their camps to all believers. All the children recognized what God did and most of them accepted Christ. We saw the children’s lives changed as they wept and prayed to God. We told them this was all possible for them to be here because of men from Canada, Stan Watrich and Ivan Pasiuk. If you could have been there to see and hear the children and mothers who were there begin to pray to God to bless you, and thank God for this great gift of them being at camp. May God always bless you and the good works you do for the children in Ukraine.

Bohdan & Luba Romaniuk
Lviv, Ukraine