Prison Ministry

Zbarazhska (Good Waters) - Women’s Prison

On the way to the women's Zbarazhska Prison, in one of the villages, I saw an old ruined Polish church. A long time ago it was a beautiful edifice where people came and worshiped God. I stopped for few moments and took some pictures and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit spoke to me that the women in the prison are like that Church. They used to be beautiful at one time and full of life and needed by many. Now people used them, mainly for bad things and they became broken (cast offs) and nobody wanted them or had any use for them. It was a sad picture of reality.

When team and I arrived there we had a long wait for clearance to enter. As we were waiting outside the prison, I suddenly saw the name of the village where the prison is located. The name was Good Waters. I never saw it before, even visiting it for two years. The official name is Zbarazhska Prison and named after the town’s region, but the village's name is Good Waters. I do not know why the government did that, probably Good Waters Prison does not sound well, but not for God. For what the women desperately need is waters from the Holy Spirit. Like the old church needs the presence of God, His Holy Spirit is needed in the lives of the women in prison.

We started our service in the room for church meetings and at first only a few women came. As we sang one or two songs more and more ladies came. The waters of the Holy Spirit began to flow and brought the women from their beds and finally over 100 came. It is more than usual as the meeting room is small and guards did not expect so many, so they had to provide more security for us. As a result more guards heard the Word of God. We continued to sing and members of the team gave their testimonies.

The officials gave us only one hour for one service. After that we had to go to the prison hospital for another meeting. I had about 5 minutes for a message and altar call. I was only allowed to say Merry Christmas to the women and give them gifts. But when I did that, I felt something was missing and continued to say… "Since today is Jesus' birthday it is not right to receive gifts from Him and not give something back. So let us all give Him gifts today, and this gift can be repentance, our lives, our hearts, forgiveness, praise, worship, and thanks". Praise God, the Living Waters (Good Waters) did its work and began to flow in that room. Without any prompting the women began to cry and repent of their sins. I saw most of them praying and worshiping God.

Jesus said: "He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, 'From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.'" He said that about Holy Spirit and His works through us and it is so true!

We are thankful and grateful to Stan of The Masters Foundation and their donors for making this possible. They supplied the funds to give Christmas gift bags and a book of testimonies to each of the women in prison.

V. Filippovich and team, Lviv, Ukraine

Letters from Zbarazhska (Good Waters) Women’s Prison

My name is Svetlana and I am in prison for three years already. I will be there for another two. When believers from your church have been coming to us I did not visit with them because I thought they did not know my problems and did not understand me. I was wrong. I found out that some of them have been in prison as well and now are free and their life is changed. Also, when women from Canada came, (Queensway STM team) they gave me the book with women's stories. I cried, because most of them were about me and my life. I hope to find answers and way out from my situations like they did. Thank you for your work and help!

My name is Nadia. Now I am a Christian and received Savior after reading the book "You Can Be Free". I heard about believers and God but always thought that it is not for me and all their stories are for old and stupid people. When I read the book, it was like shock to me and I think I knew some of those girls from Ukraine before, so when I read about their new life, I was jealous. Then I thought about my life and decided to do something about it. So I asked Pastor to pray for me and he asked me to pray sinner's prayer, and when I did, something was taken from my heart. Thank you for good book!

Note: God is doing a tremendous work in the hearts and lives of the women in Zbarazhska (Good Waters) Prison. Please continue to remember the women inmates in prayer. Masters printed and distributed 15,000 copies of a book of Canadian and Ukrainian women’s testimonies (ex inmates) to all the women prisons in Ukraine. After reading this book “You Can Be Free”, many women responded by giving their lives to Christ. We are now working on a second book of testimonies of Canadian and Ukrainian women who have found freedom in Christ after leading a life of crime, drugs and prostitution.