Prison Ministry

Joyce Meyer’s Devotional Book for the Women’s Prisons

Through the generous donation from Joyce Meyer Ministries, we have distributed Joyce’s “Hearing from God Every Morning” devotional to over 6000 women prisoners throughout Ukraine. What a blessing this book has been to many women who are incarcerated!

“Far and Wide” Book for the Men’s Prisons

This testimonial book is ready to print and will be distributed to men prisoners throughout Ukraine. Our goal is to publish 10000 copies this spring. The cost of printing will be $ 5000. If you would like to partner with us in this amazing project, please contact us.

Angel Tree Program

Our Angel Tree program reaches out to the children of women inmates and their families with the love of Christ. Prisoners’ children in Ukraine suffer through the confusion and shame that comes with having a parent who is incarcerated. And the reality is, they are at high risk of following in their parents’ footsteps.• Learn More

Meteniv Halfway House

We believe God will use this Halfway House to restore broken lives, families, to bring back mothers to their children, daughters to their mothers, wives to their husbands and lost souls back to God! • Learn More

Zbarazhska (Good Waters) - Women’s Prison

A report on what God is doing in the in the hearts and lives of the women in Zbarazhska (Good Waters) Prison.
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Ernie Hollands Prison Outreach (Completed Project)

Ernie Holland's book of his life story, "Captured To Be Free" was given to the prisons in Ukraine as well as to prisons around the world. The book is the true life story of Ernie Hollands, how he fought verbal and physical abuse mixed with alcohol. Stealing became a way of life for him. Ernie's life was filled with robberies, jail, beatings and escapes. Ernie would spend a combined sentence of 25 years in different prisons across Canada and the U.S.A., because of theft, bank robberies, and 5 escapes from prison. He was sentenced to prison for an attempted murder of a police officer.
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