Borislav Orphanage

Borislav Invalid Orphanage in Borislav, Ukraine, near the Carpathians is located approximately 120 kilometers south west of Lviv. It is situated on 2 hectares of land with 3 main buildings, one of which at one time was the residence of a Polish Prince. It became an orphanage in 1962 and presently houses 110 children of which 90% are afflicted with cerebral palsy. The two adjacent buildings include a workshop, educational room, bedrooms and treatment area, and additional space allows room for expansion.

Because of minimal state funding Borislav was in dire need of major repair and renovations. In touring the orphanage it was found the most depressing part was the state of the bedrooms and classrooms. Wire mesh and boards are used for support with a thin mattress. It is next to impossible for a child to have adequate rest or sleep. The blackboards were so worn that they had to use a mixture of sugar and water to coat the boards in order for the chalk to adhere to it.

The desks were ill fitting for the majority of the children and many had to sit in a cramped position making it very uncomfortable.

The Holy Spirit impressed upon us to become involved and Masters with God’s help did substantial and major renovations to the interior building which included new beds, mattresses, new kitchen, sanitation equipment, sewing room with new sewing machines, craft room, office, and fully furnished computer room with 10 computers with printers.

A playground was also a high priority. A large area was leveled, graded and made into a substantial play area with proper playground equipment installed. This is so necessary for cerebral palsy kids.

We found the director Natasha, has a great love for the children, is highly qualified and even though she has been at Borislav only four years, with the limited resources has implemented several changes and improvements for the benefit of the children.

She was also open for an Evangelical Church to come and implement a Christian Education program for the kids as part of their school curriculum. As a result a Church in Lviv visits Borislav on a monthly basis bringing them the gospel of the Lord Jesus. As a result the majority of the children have accepted Christ.

Completion date was September 2008.