Just a few of the emails and letters expressing how over the years the Masters Foundation, with your prayerful and financial support has made a difference in Ukraine.


"My trip to the Ukraine was one of the best weeks of my entire life.
I know people hate when others say “you had to be there” but honestly you did. It was utterly amazing."

On the way to the camp I had no idea what to expect, I had only been to a few summer camps back in Canada but they really didn’t compare to what it was like there. First off the view was amazing; being out there in the mountains was just so surreal and beautiful. As for the kids I was honestly amazed by how quickly they took a liking to me as they included me in their games and conversations trying their best to speak in English as much as possible. They were all so special and kind hearted they really know how to make someone feel loved. At the beginning of the week I was very quiet and kept to myself as I just had no idea what to do without scaring them away, however they had no troubles accepting me into their lives. • Continue Reading


Dear Brother Stan & Brother Ivan, We give you greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus. It was good to see you again and meet Ivan for the first time. We want to thank you for sponsoring children to camp again this year. We will be taking 3 or 4 groups this year and have taken one group of children and next week another 50 children. I want to tell you of our experience with a group of children we took to the Odessa region.
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We are sincerely thankful to you for this Holy gift. There is no greater value than the Bible, than the Word of God. The Lord loves and protects the Nation of Ukraine and its people. We feel and sense God’s blessing upon us. This was evident, and it is only in thankfulness to Him that during the "Orange Revolution", we experienced a rebirth of spiritual and Christian values. Ukraine will only stand on its feet, when it gets on its knees before God.  Thank you again, for such a spiritually rich gift.

With respect, 

B. B. Onopenko
Member of Highest Justice Council of Ukraine
Head of the Ukrainian Social Democratic Party


Dear Respected Stan Watrich of The Master’s Foundation, I want to thank you for all the many parcels of beautiful children and adults clothing you sent to our Medical Clinic. Also a big thank you for the 1000 bottles of children’s Flintsones vitamins. The economy in our country makes it very difficult for parents and children to have the vitamins they need so badly. The peoples and children’s immune system has been so weakened they become susceptible to many infections and diseases. The vitamins will be of a great help. Thank you for your great help and not forgetting us. May God bless the work of your hands in our country.

Dr. Olena Lanovska
Lviv, Ukraine

Respected Stan Watrich of Masters Foundation, The staff and workers of St. Elenas Hospice Center thank you for the container of cooking oil and other aid sent to our Center. It was as a gift from God, from Heaven for now we can take care of patients in our two Centers better. We cannot express to you enough thanks for all the childlren’s vitamins you sent. Ours and children’s immune systems is still affected from Chernobly disaster and will be for many years to come. We found vitamins helps much to build resistance to colds and influenza. The workers were crying with great joy and thanks for the Christmas gift bags you prepared for them. May God’s highest blessing be on you for all help you have given to our country, Ukraine and many sick and invalid peoples.

With great respect,

Ludmila Byslayeva
Head Director
St. Elenas Hospice Center
Korosten, Ukraine