Lutsk Church Project Update

Pastor Anatoliy Prokhar and New Church Building of Grace Church, Lutsk, Ukraine

In our earlier news letters we made an urgent appeal to our partners to help with the purchase of a building and property for Grace Church. We praise and thank God for your gracious and generous response. You enabled Masters and Pastor Anatoliy to purchase the building at the cost of $190,000. The total cost of the renovations is $250,000. Pastor Anatoliy is able to raise $100,000 of this amount in Ukraine and has asked Masters and their partners if we could help him with the balance. To date, $40,000 has come in towards the renovations. We are appealing to you, our partners, would you prayerfully consider helping us raise the balance of $110,000 for Pastor Anatoliy and his congregation.

The building is located in a 300 acre park in downtown city of Lutsk. With a little over 10,000 sq. feet and 5 acres of land it will meet all present needs of ministry and lends itself for future expansion. Seating capacity will be 1200 plus, with offices and room for expansion. It is situated approximately 200 yards upon entering the park with easy access by car or transit and only a couple of blocks from downtown Lutsk. Sundays and mid week the park is filled with thousands of people who have to walk past the Church as they enter the park. A field ripe unto harvest at the door steps of the Church.

A Note from Pastor Anatoliy& Nella

Even though every thing today in Ukraine is not easy, but with the grace of God, His help, little by little we are going a head. With the Church building we already bought some material and begin to build as finances will enable. We want to finish offices first so we do not have to pay rent at present location. We now have all permits and praying for God to supply monies needed so we can finish renovations this year. We already had our first prayer service in the building. This was so good to me that it made me feel 20 years younger. As I stood and watched the people pass by our church I counted not hundreds but thousands. I hung a sign "Grace Church Office” and people already want to come as soon as it is ready. Our Church people thank you and all your sponsors for helping us build God's house of prayer