Church Building Project in Lutsk, Ukraine

The Master's Foundation has been partnering with Pastor Anatoliy Prokhar of Lutsk, Ukraine for several years. During this time we have found him to be a man of integrity, principled, credible, visionary and a man after God's heart. (Click here for information on Pastor Anatoliy)

Pastor Anatoliy’s church has outgrown the present rented premises. They in fact have been praying for a Church building for over six years. In his quest for a Church building, other properties were available, but nothing came of it. However, there was one building which stuck out in their hearts and it became evident God had other plans for them.

Pastor Anatoliy and the Church members always felt the building located in a 300 acre park in downtown city of Lutsk, was what the Lord had for them. They marched around the building and claimed it for God. They even told the owner who would not sell it to them; he would never be able to sell it, or use it for his purposes, as God had need of the building for a Church. I was with Pastor Anatoliy at one meeting with the owner and he was very adamant in not selling it as he had plans of his own for it. But the owner needed additional land for his plans of expansion.

However, our God rules and reigns and November 2010, THE MIRACLE HAPPENED! When the mayor of Lutsk heard that Pastor Anatoliy wanted the building for a Church a meeting was arranged. The mayor made it very clear to the owner the city would not give him any additional land to expand his business venture, as the building was designated for a Church.

The owner was asking $780,000 US for the building, but God touched his heart and he consented to sell it for $190,000 US HALLELUJAH!! What an awesome God we serve! When God does something, He does it well and often beyond our wildest dreams or imagination.

The other part of THE MIRACLE is, in addition, the mayor of the city gave Pastor Anatoliy 5 acres of land, free of charge with out any stipulations. The land itself is worth 1.5 million USD, exceedingly more than the present building.

The building is a little over 10,000 sq. feet and with the 5 acres of land, (see picture below) the whole package will meet all of their present needs and lends itself for future expansion. It is situated approximately 200 yards upon entering the park with easy access by car or transit and only a couple of blocks from downtown Lutsk. In addition, Sundays, actually all week the park is filled with people - a field ripe unto harvest!

Once renovated the building will seat at least 1200 people plus there is room for church offices and room for expansion.

Pastor Anatoliy has asked Master’s to help him raise the funds needed to purchase the building and renovate it.

The details are as follows: ( In U.S. dollars)

Purchase of building - $190,000
Renovations  $250,000
TOTAL COST  $440,000

Pastor Anatoliy raised in Ukraine  $90,000
Masters has raised to date  $100,000


Would you prayerfully consider partnering with Pastor Anatoliy and The Master's Foundation in this project?

Master’s is taking no administration costs. Every dollar given will be given to the project and full accounting provided.

Masters will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.