An Answer to Prayer - New Church in Lutsk Dedicated

In 2010 Masters made an urgent appeal to you, our partners to help with the purchase of a building and property for Grace Church. We praise and thank God for your gracious and generous response. With your help, Master’s Foundation and Pastor Anatoliy were able to purchase the building and complete the renovations.

The journey of purchasing and renovating this building is a testimony of God’s miraculous power. First, the location is simply amazing! The building is located in a 300 acre park in downtown city of Lutsk. With a little over 10,000 square feet and 5 acres of land, it will meet all present and future needs of ministry. The seating capacity will be 1200, with offices and room for expansion. It is situated approximately 200 yards upon entering the park with easy access by car or transit and only a couple of blocks from downtown Lutsk. Both on Sundays and during the week the park is filled with thousands of people who have to walk past the Church as they enter the park. Grace Church is a light house for the whole city where we pray many will enter and receive the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The dedication took place on October 26, 2014. It was a priveledge to attend along with Henry Watrich and Pastor Glenn Harvison of Harvest Time Church, of Greenwich, Connecticut, who was the guest speaker. Pastor Glenn’s son Benjamin also attended. Several Bishops and guests from other regions of Ukraine were in attendance.



After many years of toil, hardships and sacrifice it was awesome to finally be dedicating the building. The service was wonderful. We celebrated the miracle working power of our God. There was an overwhelming presence of God and there was rejoicing and weeping as all thanked God for fullfiling what He promised.

We also know that there would not have been any church built without your prayer and financial support. Thank you for being part of the miracle. The Masters Foundation, Pastor Anatoliy and congregation thank you for all your help and kindness in building God's house of prayer.

A short video has been prepared which you can view below