Humanitarian Aid

To date - Masters has shipped to Ukraine over 40,000 cartons (2,400,000 lbs.) to date of various food products, clothing, vitamins, medical supplies, hospital beds, nutritional drinks, and medicine, representing a wholesale value of over $7,000,000. These goods have been shipped to different cities in Ukraine, and are being continually distributed to Orphanages, Hospitals, Hospice Centers, Churches, Senior Citizens, Prisons and to the needy.  

Partnering with Okanagan Gleaners

A special thanks to the people of Okanagan Gleaners for their 40 foot container donation of dehydrated soup mix to the needy and hungry people of Ukraine! 

Helping those affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine

We are privileged to partner with Fraser Valley Gleaners in Abbotsford, BC in supplying much needed food to those affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.  Thank you for partnering with The Master’s Foundation in helping feed the hungry and hurting of Ukraine!

Watch this video to see what God is doing through your donation!


Soup Mix donated for distribution to the needy in Ukraine

A 40 ft. container of soup mix (valued at $69,000) was donated to Masters for Ukraine.  The container  gave 1.200,000 - 1 cup portions of soup. It was distributed to orphans, the poor & needy, rehab centers, prisons, ex- inmates, elderly and invalid centers.  Shipping costs of approximately $10,000.00 were courtesy of the many generous donors that support The Master's Foundation.

Bukovo Girls Invalid Center

A center located near the Carpathians housing approximately 77 girls from ages 3 to 25 years. All the girls are afflicted with some type of serious handicap, from mental illness to severe physical defects. Some are bedridden and need constant attention. Master’s has supplied 2 new furnace/boilers to ensure heat for the winter months.